The Soulcial Muse is a personality based blog about real sh*t! A collective of real stories, relatable topics, real conversations & life lessons I have acquired & continue to acquire.  I don’t know it all but I have one heck of an intuition & plenty of mistakes I’ve learned from to share with you. I promise to share products I actually use, clothes I actually wear & share experiences in an authentic way that teach, sympathize, relate or inspire.









My name is Winnie (Yes, like Winnie the Pooh but no I was not named after him) I’m a multi-passionate millennial from Miami who believes in chasing the dream, being kind & keeping it real while contributing some good to the world. I’ve been writing since I was 10 years old, way before I ever new I wanted to do this for a living or that you even could! 85% of the time you can find me looking nothing like the picture on the left & looking more like: hair up in a bun with a make-up free face. If you’re a bit more curious like me keep scrolling for more…& welcome to my little contribution to the universe!










I’m a self-proclaimed concert junkie whose concert of choice is Beyonce’s. Pizza is my go-to cheat meal, coffee is my unapologetic addiction & writing is my therapeutic outlet.  As a true scorpio, I’m emotional AF & as a social introvert I cherish my alone time but can’t resist a good topic of discussion. I love fashion but I don’t live for it, I’ll take light washed ripped boyfriend jeans & a white tee paired with cute sandals any day (In Miami you can wear sandals with anything & it’s not frowned upon.) Speaking of frowned upon, I like to live life for myself & not follow society’s rules or timeline; I waited 10 years for my high school sweetheart to propose to me, then married him at the courthouse 3 years later on a Thursday afternoon, & currently have no kids but have one really cute pitbull dog!