Most of us go through life unaware of ourselves. Sure, we know our likes and dislikes, what makes us happy or angry, but do you really know the inner workings of your mind and personality? Are you aware of what types of scenarios you thrive in or how to get the most out of yourself to perform at your highest level? Do you know what your weaknesses are and how to strengthen them?

There is power in being aware of personality types and knowing yourself at a deeper level. It can help you perform better at work or help you choose a career path that focuses on your strengths.  For creatives, it’s ideal for choosing the right partners to collaborate on a project because it guides you in choosing individuals that have qualities that you may be lacking.

INFJ, my personality type, stands for Introversion Intuition Feeling Judgement. It’s one out of 16 personality types. Only 1% of the population has this personality type, which basically makes me a rare magical unicorn! No, but seriously, this test helped me realize what I thought were my weaknesses were actually my strengths. Now lets break down these letters for you and tell you how I’ve been using this information to my advantage. You can refer to, Kbatesmti.com for more questions on this topic, Kristen Bates is the expert here.

Introversion means I direct my energy towards my inner world and get energized by reflecting on my ideas and experiences, which basically explains to me why I’m always overthinking things and always analyzing situations and life. I now know I get my best ideas when I’m alone with my thoughts and have time to analyze them rather than brainstorming in a group setting.

Intuition means I tend to see the bigger picture and sort of know things with out knowing the reason why. I tend to have an “intuition” about certain situations. I don’t need to see real proof or facts to believe something is true. I’ve learned to trust my gut feeling about decisions and use this more at work.

Feeling means I tend to think with my heart and emotions rather than on logic. Which is very true about me, because if something doesn’t feel right to me, I won’t do it or if something is not logical but feels like the right thing to do then I’ll do what I feel.

Judgment is the way I approach the outside world. I tend to plan and schedule and I don’t do well with being spontaneous and things messing up my schedule.  I like to plan everything before I do it. I don’t like not having a game plan because I don’t like uncertainty or not knowing what’s next. This doesn’t mean I can’t be spontaneous, but I realize that I feel more confident in a situation when I have had time to prepare.  I always give myself a little time to prepare for a meeting, speech, presentation, or whatever I am tackling at the moment.

An INFJ is gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive. (Hi, that’s me!) They are artistic and creative; they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. They have very high expectations of themselves and are rarely in complete peace with themselves, as they feel like there are things they can be doing to improve themselves and the world around them. They believe in constant growth.

I was most interested to find out that an INFJ loves to write and usually chooses that as a career path! Through this test I was reaffirmed that I thrive in writing and should start doing it full time rather than just a side hobby.

If this sounds like you then you are probably an INFJ too! But don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself on Kbatesmbti.com, you do have to pay for this test, but it will be more accurate then taking a free one on the internet. She will email you results with a breakdown of your personality test that same day.

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