“Do it for the gram” These are the words that basically define this new era we are living in. We live our lives through a phone camera, showcasing perfectly edited pictures to the world for likes, comments and follows. Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re doing it too. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit it! I mean, I just spent 2 hours at the Museum of Ice Cream Miami taking photos, that I barely enjoyed the museum in real time. I’m now reliving those moments after the fact through my pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice picture, but are we focusing too much on capturing perfect images of life moments that we continuously re-enact a moment if the real one wasn’t captured perfectly?

As I stood there waiting in line to take a photo with a fake banana swing, because the picture would look so cute with my Instagram feed (making fun of myself here, & side note: the picture didn’t make the cut), I saw a little girl (possibly age 4) with purple lipstick posing for pictures that would put any social influencer to shame; a couple to my right squeezed into this tiny enclosure that you have to crawl into (yes I took a picture there too) with their phone on a tripod taking countless photos to capture the perfect one. I thought “Wow, the individual who thought this place up is a genius.” I mean, is this place really about ice cream or making a profit off of the most Instagram worthy spot ever! Or maybe it’s both, but either way, I see more of these places in our near future popping up all around town so people can continue “doing it for the gram.”

It’s kind of bizarre if you think about it, I couldn’t help but laugh as I stood there feeling a bit ridiculous but at the same time normal because that’s the norm now, I mean people might be even getting into relationships just to have themselves an Instagram boyfriend (I would hope not). So, as I sit here posting my pink photos, I’m trying to find a balance between capturing real experiences through the lens rather than staging them for the lens. Because I do love social media and blogging my experiences, but I refuse to be completely sucked up and consumed by this new way of being and instead capture genuine moments of happiness! Anyways, here are my “do it for the gram” photos. 😉



Top from Zara

Shorts from Topshop

Heels from A’gaci

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