I love curating a magical moment ( I know, I’m so cheesy) so anytime I get to do that I’m a happy girl. My husband and I have been seeing very little of each other lately since our schedules have been polar opposites, so I wanted to plan the perfect beachside picnic the moment our schedules coincided. Our off day happened to be on a Monday so we had the beach to ourselves. The weather was gorgeous and the beach was quiet; I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Our go-to spot is Key Biscayne (Hobie beach, a dog friendly beach) we always pick the same spot right under this huge tree for the best shade.  I love it because the parking is right next to the beach and it’s free (so you don’t have to schlep all your stuff for 2 miles) and the Miami skyline as a backdrop is a plus.


The night before I made a trip to TJ Maxx Home Goods for a few things I was missing (They seriously have everything you’ll ever need there). I was in search for grey and blue tones to create a minimal, clean look and wanted the picnic to feel zen and relaxed. I found the most comfortable pillows, a set of 2 for $20, and purchased a Tommy Bahamas blanket with fringed edges, which was on clearance for $18. I also found the cutest little tweed basket to place our glassware, for $6.

We packed fruits to snack on and bought some bagels and sandwiches for breakfast (not pictured) at Starbucks on the way to the beach. All easy finger foods to grab on without utensils. I brought two Moet champagne bottles and placed them in a small ice bucket for easy grab and pour (I had purchased this one for a beach party two years ago from  Pack everything in a cooler to chill the ice, bottles, fruits, and orange juice but leave it off to the side, it’s really more for logistics purposes. I poured the oj in a carafe (purchased a plastic one from Party City for $6) for easy refill. The flutes are from Target, and I don’t remember where I purchased the serving tray but you can easily find anywhere, Home Goods had tons of cute ones. Oh! and those cute Cynthia Rowley bottles you see in the basket are from Home Goods as well, and are great for water and pre-mixed cocktails, I use them all the time. I also packed small coffee cups and kept pre-made coffee warm in a travel mug until I was ready to serve.


If you’re wondering what book I’m reading it’s “The WISDOM of SUNDAYS” by Oprah Winfrey, and like anything Oprah does, it’s amazing.

You can also recreate this picnic at night with lots of battery powered candles for a romantic vibe and lighting of course. With Valentine’s day coming up this is a great inexpensive date idea to avoid an overcrowded restaurant with a prix fixe menu.

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