Another year of life. Another year of challenges, love, inspirations and multiple moments of happiness, sadness, joy and everything in between. Many moons ago, I celebrated birthdays by going out drinking until I passed out. Although I still love a good cocktail on my birthday, I’ve learned moderation is key. Now-a-days I celebrate a birthday by reflecting on my year. Did I do everything I could to live my best life possible? Did I learn from my mistakes? Did I make the right choices? Did I do what was in my best interest? Did I cherish my loved ones? Did I live in the moments? Did I take advantage of my time? Did I keep promises I made to myself? I didn’t have a place to go for reference of what my goals for the year were or to know exactly what was I thinking a year ago. You never really know unless you write it down, so that brought me to my new birthday tradition…

I started the tradition this year. Every year on my birthday, November 15th, I will write an honest letter to myself, as me, one year from the present day. The letter includes: where I will be a year from now, what goals I have accomplished, what promises I kept, what I am doing, and who I am with. It will paint a picture of where I envision myself a year from now. It’s my destination. You see, the goal is not to be exactly where I envision myself, that is merely impossible, but the goal is to have a destination that will guide my year. It will guide me in creating a road map of steps to take to be as close as possible to that person/destination I envision. I’ve learned that if you don’t have a road map to where you want to go, you will never know how to get there.

Next year I’ll write two letters. The first letter will be reflecting my year, which I can then compare to the letter I wrote the past year and see what I was able to accomplish and what I need to continue to work on. The second letter, a new destination for the year to come. At the end of my journey I hope to have many letters to read, to have kept my word to myself and to have lived the life I set out to live.


Plaid jumpsuit from Virgodowntown

Black booties from Topshop


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