Finding Magic in Cauley Square

A couple weekends ago I headed down to Cauley Square, a historic village down south in the homestead area, far away from the typical Miami scene. What started off as a coffee date with my best friend ended up being exactly what we needed, a soulful day full of laughter, positive energy, tears, and nothing but love. The day felt like magic.

The plans for the day were to have coffee at the Tea Room Restaurant. This restaurant reminds me of the type of place you’d find a character like the Mad Hatter in, filled with teapots and lots of quirkiness. It’s a fun spot to sit and enjoy the ambience; it’s very different from our usual coffee spots.

We ended up getting so caught up in enjoying the scenery and taking photos that we never did sit down and have that coffee, but we did experience something we didn’t bargain for and was necessary I’d say; a little more on that later.

What I love about Cauley Square is that it feels like the type of village you’d find in the pages of a storybook. I’ve never seen any other place in Miami quite like it. And the photo ops are amazing. The road that passes through the village is surrounded by old historic houses that are actually one-of-a-kind shops, which sell everything from paintings to jewelry. Each and every thing sold there is curated with authenticity and is hand made. If you love antiques, they have an amazing antique shop too!

We walked through the gardens and what seemed to be a set up for a wedding that day and visited the cutest little Chapel, hidden in the middle of a garden and surrounded by trees. As soon as you enter the Chapel you feel a sense of peace and intimacy. Luckily, there was no one around so we got to enjoy it all to ourselves.

After walking around for about 3 hours and taking endless photos we ended the day at our last stop, the Sacred Rock Stars shop. We went in to pickup some crystals for future endeavors and good vibes, but ended up leaving with so much more than that. The woman in the shop, Mary Kay, was very knowledgeable. She sensed that there was something uneasy about our energy and that there was something we needed to hear. We shared with her what particular crystals we were looking for and why, and she genuinely shared all her knowledge and gave us the best advice. She knew exactly what to say; it felt like we were talking to an old friend that knew us all too well. She basically gave us a reading on the house.

When we went to pay she gifted us all the crystals we picked out, and gave us more gifts from her shop just because she felt we needed them. She shared a prayer book with us to go along with our crystals and gave us advice on how manifest our dreams and let go of fears. Everything she said hit so close to home, that we ended up in tears and hugs by the end of the conversation. I will never forget her and that visit. Everything about that day felt like the stars aligned to meet her, I’m telling you it was magic.

Inside The Tea Room Restaurant
The most adorable decor for sale at The Tea Room Restaurant

Another adorable restaurant, Valentine’s day was approaching hence all the hearts.
A little boutique shop full of handmade bathing suits and clothes

In the middle of the gardens, fake laughing turned into real laughs

Amazonite: Courage, Truth, Empowerment. The stone of support. It promises to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Allows you to speak up for yourself yet listen to what others have to say.
Moonstone: Intuition, Inspiration, Goddess energy. Brings calm through awareness. Provides energy to sustain you through stages of growth. It eliminates all lies, presenting you with only truth.
Dream Catchers for sale at the Sacred Rock Stars shop

The perfect spot to sit and read a book

Candle Affirmation for Courage: Let me harness my fears in a positive way to create strength in difficult situations. Give me  warrior’s confidence to do what is right, not what is easy.

If you want to visit Cauley Square here’s their website:

Sacred Rock Stars Shop:

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