Find your tribe

Everyone needs a tribe in life. Whether it be family, friends or both, we all need those individuals that have our backs and just get us and all of the quarks that come along with us.

Let me tell you about my tribe!

My tribe is made up of four strong women who possess qualities that are very rare to find in a friend. They are smart, funny, giving, ambitious, independent, charming, loyal and beautiful. We are just a group of girls trying to figure out this thing called life and enjoying the ride. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and always cheer each other on. Our tribe formed organically and has turned into the most beautiful form of friendship filled with mutual respect and genuine love for one another. I admire each of their their strengths, ignore their faults, and appreciate their individuality.

We have this chat where anything goes; a no judgement zone. It’s a space where we can vent to one another about work or annoying humans that aren’t as cool as us! We go there for advice, share good news, randomly send pictures and all of the above. Sometimes we won’t talk for weeks because life gets crazy and busy, then someone will break the silence and suddenly we chat for hours about life or random topics that probably make no sense to anyone else. No matter the distance we always make time for one another. They’re the type of girls that will jump on a plane and spend their hard earned money, no questions asked, just to make you smile and be there for you and I love them for that.

Although life has slowly taken us in different directions, I am forever grateful the universe decided to cross all our paths at one point in time and gave me four sisters.

With all that said, my tribe is dope! Find yours; love them hard and treat them like gold!


2 thoughts on “Find your tribe

  1. You have and always will be my inspiration. Thank you for your genuine spirit and being my cheerleader for life. I often reflect on our deep car conversations (the million that we had…) and it gives me peace. You’ve always been there for me and you’ve always known what to say and when to say it. Thank you friend. Xoxox

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    1. The feeling is mutual. I love our deep convos about life. You are a very special being my friend and I love you for that.


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