Relationship Goals: 7 key components to a long lasting relationship

I don’t claim to know the secrets on how to make a relationship work, because every relationship is different and no two people are alike. I can, however, give advice from what I’ve learned from my relationship through-out the years.

What makes me qualified to give advice you ask? Well here’s a little bit on my story to help you understand. I have been in a healthy and loving relationship with a beautiful man for thirteen years. We fell in love in high school, and haven’t separated since. You can only imagine the growing pains we’ve witnessed each other go through, from our teenage years to now our late 20s, but that’s another story to tell. Recently, on our thirteenth year anniversary  after being engaged  for three years we went to the court house and got married. It was perfect. We wanted the day to be about us and our love without the bells and whistles of a wedding. The journey to get to the place that we are in today wasn’t always easy but oh so worth it! But enough about my story, because I can go on forever, I want to pass along some knowledge I’ve gained through trial and errors in my relationship and possibly help other lovers along the way trying to make their relationship work. Here are 7 key components to having a healthy relationship.


The first thing I can tell you and probably the most important to remember is that there are no rules in relationships. This is not a game; this is real life. Go with what you feel and what you think is right for your relationship. Don’t go by ridiculous dating rules please, just go with your gut! Don’t let others opinions make it into your relationship, you need to tune everyone out and know what is best for you two.


Communicate, communicate, communicate. I cannot stress this enough. No one is a mind reader, and especially not men. Don’t expect your significant other to know what you are thinking. If you want them to express their feelings more often or if they are constantly doing something that bothers you; tell them. Don’t just complain about it; be proactive and not reactive. Voice your expectations and concerns to them, if you don’t, you may end up resenting them for something they have no idea they did wrong.


Have you ever heard of the phrase “what’s done in the dark will eventually come to light”? Well, if you haven’t now you have. I live by this phrase and you should too. Do not lie to your partner. Now, I’m not talking about a little white lie like hiding all your shopping bags in the closet after an impromptu shopping spree, well unless finances is an issue in your relationship. I’m talking about an earth-shattering lie that will change the dynamic of the relationship if it ever came to light. Secrets will only diminish your relationship and weaken the strong bond between you two. Your partner will respect you more for telling the truth instead of trying to hide something from them. Don’t be afraid of the consequences because if your bond is strong enough you will find a way to work through it. Tell the truth, it will set you FREE!


Do not let the romance die. Remind your lover how much they mean to you through romantic gestures. Creativity goes along way, it’s not always about buying them a gift at the store, you can easily show them you care without spending a dime. Have date nights, and every once in a while do something different from your daily routine.


Jealousy is an ugly thing and a turn off. No one likes an insecure partner. Let them have their night out with friends away from you. Do not smother them, because it will only drive them away and possibly into the arms of someone else. You do not own them and in my opinion do not have the right or shouldn’t tell someone where they can or cannot go. If this is where your relationship is at, then honestly it is not in a healthy state so it may be time to reevaluate.


Remember, you are sharing each others lives together. You are an individual who is merging your life together with someone else. You need to have your own accomplishments and independence. Do not be co-dependent. Do not look for your self-worth in another individual, go out and find it on your own.


Alone time is your friend. Before you got into a relationship you had time to work on your relationship with yourself. I’m sure you had your hobbies and things you liked to do. Just because you’re sharing your life with someone else doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you love, and if they have a problem with that then I’m sure they are not the one for you. You should never change for someone else. Sometimes you just need to spend time with yourself and work on yourself to be a better partner to someone else. If you’re spending all your time with each other eventually you will start getting on each others nerves and start fighting more frequently. Missing each other is healthy. The phrase “absence makes the heart grown fonder” is very true.

I can honestly say that I do all these things in my relationship and it has helped it blossom into what is is today, a strong unit. Now that I’ve started my new journey, married life, I’m sure we will keep evolving and learning as we face new challenges. Though we may not be perfect, we are still crazy about each other. I really do hope my advice will help you in some way.

Photography Cred: Anidem Visuals Photography

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